Smart Contracts for Digital Securities / Security Tokens Offerings

We believe we are best placed to assist you in digital securities smart contracts because we have the relevant experience in this area. Our founders have combined 50 years of experience in banking and capital markets. We will help you structure and generate the smart contracts that are most suitable to your business needs. It can be equity, debt or in a hybrid form. 

Our solutions will not be a cookie cutter template like most platforms out there are offering. We understand every business is different and those one-size-fits-all solutions will not work. And we will not over-charge you just because this is a new area.

We believe in developing trust and long term relationships with our clients. 

We will help you develop a smart contracts for security token offering that are

- compatible with the common DSO/ STO standards such as ERC 1400s series etc. 
- comply with the local regulations of your jurisdiction 
- scalable design to enable future modifications (if needed)
- risk management functions
- KYC/ AML compliance ( will work with the relevant Exchange to support this) 
- full audit trail 
- flexible to support potential cross chain atomic swaps
- support multi-sig operation


We will also assist to deploy the smart contracts and assist in the listing of tokens on a Security Token Exchange (if applicable )


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