How We do PR and Why We are Different

We have a separate division within the firm that provides public relations ("PR"), investor relations ("IR") and media relations services to our clients mainly to assist them to communicate effectively to their markets. 

Our PR specialists have deep domain knowledge not just in PR and IR but also the specific sectors that our clients operate in. Our founders and partners come from the banking & financial services, private equity, technology and events management industries and therefore able to give valuable insights and practical guidance into effective PR campaign management.

We adopt a decentralized organization structure. Using technology, we enable our staff and partners who travel and work from different continents,  from Asia to Europe and North America covering different time zones that our clients are located.

We use a data-driven methodology to create unique, factual but fresh story-telling PR and Media contents. We approach every client's needs with a unique point of view and we solve their problems with distinctive solutions, instead of copying and pasting templates, as other firms would do. 

Beyond PR, we also help our clients in investor relations. We provide in-depth research on your industry and perception studies on the investment community. Our close-knit network of media, analysts, fund managers, VCs, family offices and retail investors ensure you access to accurate and timely information to help you strategically reshape public perceptions and investment theses.

Last but not least, we have a transparent, no-nonsense pricing model. 

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Public Relations & Advertising

PR Writing

24 Hours

Our highly experienced in-house copywriters will work with you to create insightful blogs and articles about your project and connect with your targeted audience effectively.

FrontRunner Package

2 Weeks*

Fundamental and Explorer Package combined for the maximum impact in your PR marketing campaign.

Fundamental Package

4 Weeks

Featuring in top tier PR media publications is made easy through our extensive connections with media and press writers across top publications.

Explorer Package

2 Weeks

Featuring in top tier crypto PR media publications is made easy through our extensive connections with media and press writers across top crypto publications.


Media content creation

We help you create marketing videos that represent your brand's identity


We help you find the angle that best represent your brand and establish credibility and connection with the market


Full film crew on set to ensure all angles are taken care of

POST Production

Professional editing crew to ensure 360° optimization of your video


Speak to us if you wish to explore enhancing your brand/message with a personality



Blockchain Invasion


A public event where the Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiasts gather! Projects gets maximum exposure, outreach, PR opportunities and participate in a Pitch Competition.

The Insiders' Edtion


By invitation only private event where family offices, VC Funds, Crypto Funds, Crypto Investors, KOL etc gets to assess and review no more than 5 selected quality projects. Maximum interaction between projects and potential investors in a closed setting to optimize effectiveness.

Solomon's Secret


An intimate 1 to 1 board room style meeting will be arranged for projects from Insiders' Edition that garners more than 10 interested investors. This session allows for projects to share in depth on their business models, project and also an in depth Q&A session.




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