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Unlocking the true potential of STOs

What a great way to wrap up the year with a STO educational event today. It’s heartening to see a full-house today with more than 120 people turned up, eager to learn more about STO.

WB Fleming was proud to host a panel discussion on various aspects of STO, covering deep topics such as taxation (cross border tax, individual and corporate tax implication & available exemptions), regulatory issues, technology and protocol and exchange/ market places considerations. Many came forward at the end of the event to express they benefited a lot from today’s information packed session.

The conclusion from the panelists was clear : don’t do this without correct advice. And getting advice from some so-called ICO “advisers” who don’t have capital markets experience may lead you down the slippery slope. Some of the recent STO structures we have seen so far are using the same “cookie-cutter” approach reminiscent of the early 2017 ICO scene. Dangerous indeed.

However, securities are nothing new. There are ex-investment bankers, securities lawyers and capital markets professionals whom you can tap into for proper advice. You just need to find the right ones.

Subsequent to the panel discussion, Mr. Krishna Ramachadra, Managing Director of Duane Morris & Selvam LLP delivered an insightful speech on real estate tokenization. Truly there is a lot more to STO than just fractional ownerships that most people were led to believe.

This is the first of many STO educational sessions we will be conducting in the coming months. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Our CEO moderating the Panel Discussion

Full house, more than 120 people turned up

From Left to Right : Anthony Lai (WB Fleming), Mriganko Mukherjee (E&Y), Lim Chuan Ji (Gibraltar Stock Exchange), Abraham Lapuz (NEM), Krishna Ramachandra ( Duane Morris & Selvam LLP)


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