Electronic-Know Your Customer Solution (E-KYCS)


A unilateral KYC portal allowing seamless User application for multiple trading accounts with a single submission of responses and documents


A borderless gateway for users to access S.E.A. markets through brokerage partners from different jurisdictions

full solutions

A platform for brokerages, platforms and ICO’s to qualify and onboard new customers remotely and accurately


A data analytics hub for easy long term KYC management 

Value Proposition

  • Single Submission for multiple entries

  • Reduce time spent for account application

  • Increase in accuracy for onboarding process by reducing human error through OCR technology

  • First mover in adopting KYC and document submission 

  • Increase surveillance

  • Immutability and integrity of identities built on blockchain capabilities

  • Enhance branding as forward looking regulatory regime

  • Sales Enabler, Not a Fintech disruptor

  • Mass canvassing

  • Reducing the need for physical presence

  • Cost Savings

  • Increased Convenience

  • Access to global markets

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